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Who Are We?

Microworx is an IT Retailer specializing in discount software for Charities, Churches & Not-for-Profits. Through our direct negotiations with Vendors, we are able to offer you "charity" pricing on a huge range of software. Our job is to help you do your job - faster, easier, cheaper!


Tech Tip

We've all received emails that were sent in a hurry & with little care. Poor grammar, incorrect spelling & clumsy sentences can confuse the meaning & even give the wrong impression.



Customer Testimonial

"Microworx has been our preferred supplier of software for some years now. We have been extremely happy with the level of customer care we have received and the prices are always razor sharp. It is good to know that we can ring or email and we will always receive a prompt and accurate response not only for quotes but also for expertise in licensing and associated issues. I highly commend Microworx as a supplier and dealer of choice."
- Rick Saul, Network Administrator, Baptist Union of Queensland


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Are you paying too much for your software…?


The current trend towards electronic communication and multimedia is forcing many churches and charities to update their computer software. Microworx can provide huge savings on a wide range of software, with the potential of saving you thousands of dollars.


What can we provide?


Microworx has negotiated with the major software vendors on behalf of churches & charities to offer you significant savings over commercial prices. These savings are on products from manufacturers such as Microsoft, Symantec, Adobe, CA, Corel, Filemaker, Nuance, Sony, Pinnacle Systems, Quark, Jasc, Trend Micro, Zone Labs, Kerio, GFI, Acronis, Dameware, MindJet, Epson & others. Savings from 30% to 80% off the Recommended Retail Price!


Benefits for non-profit organizations

  • SAVINGS on a huge range of software titles.
    • Example: Microsoft Office 2016 Standard licenses (minimum volume of 5) for $132 inc GST.
  • The latest software to help your organization become more effective and efficient.
    • We save you time & money with clear advice on the best product to buy & the cheapest way to buy it.
  • A clear conscience.
    • Australian Copyright Law requires every computer to have a license for software installed on that computer. Microworx is providing a vehicle for you to be completely compliant with Australian Copyright Law, at a huge discount.

Why partner with Microworx?


Microworx has specialist, expert knowledge in the church & charity sectors.  We understand your needs and offer reliable quality service and great pricing.  It is our sincere desire to serve you through this venture, and help make you more effective.


Like a Quotation?


Microworx does not list product pricing on our website except via client login.  We do this in order to prevent confusion to our clients due to special pricing available to groups such as charities & churches, educational institutions & government departments. If you would like a quotation contact or call (03) 9857 3800