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Who Are We?

Microworx is an IT Retailer specializing in discount software for Charities, Churches & Not-for-Profits. Through our direct negotiations with Vendors, we are able to offer you "charity" pricing on a huge range of software. Our job is to help you do your job - faster, easier, cheaper!


Tech Tip

We've all received emails that were sent in a hurry & with little care. Poor grammar, incorrect spelling & clumsy sentences can confuse the meaning & even give the wrong impression.



Customer Testimonial

"We love the way Microworx works with us to find the best solution to meet our needs at the best possible price."
- Steve Addison, Australian Director, Church Resource Ministries


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What is licensing?

  • Licensing is a certificate giving you the legal right to install & use a product, usually over a number of computers. It has an additional media kit (installation CD's) that is brought separately at a nominal cost.  In most cases, organizations purchase a single media kit & then purchase the number of licenses they require for their computers.
  • Licensing is an enterprise solution for organizations, which have multiple computers, as opposed to full packaged product, which is primarily designed for home users.

Licenses offer several advantages to organisations.

  • Significant cost savings.  Licenses are often 50% cheaper than the equivalent full packaged product.
  • Greater security.  Licenses are printed with the name & contact details of your organization.  No longer need you worry about your software going missing & you being left unlicensed for software you are currently using.
  • Easier Management. Your printed license certificate is not only sent to you, but also filed by Microworx & in most cases available online on the manufacturers website (Microsoft’s e-open website, for example).  These details are updated as you add extra licenses, & are available online at any time of day.
  • Minimizes the need to store boxed product. Now you only need to store your license certificate & the installation CDs.
  • Some software, such as Symantec’s Norton Antivirus, also include free technical support with their license program.
  • With Norton Antivirus, their license program provides maintenance for the term of the license. This means free upgrades for the license term, & much cheaper upgrades in the future as you only need to renew the maintenance contract.